Chicken Champignons

The classic combination of chicken and mushroom is veganised in this delicious entrée dish with a rich creamy sauce and fresh parsley. Perfect for romantic homemade meals with a French twist

Chicken Caesar Salad

Beg, borrow or steal yourself some vegan Parmesan and make this salad dressing. It tastes just as rich and tangy as the real thing and needs to be liberally poured onto everything

Tuna Mayo

The classic sandwich filling made vegan with a realistic seafood flavour

Rigatoni Alla Julio

A comforting Italian pasta dish – soft tubes of rigatoni, succulent chicken-style strips and mushrooms coated in a creamy cashew sauce


Welcome to The Compassion Kitchen! I’m Anna and I went vegan in October 2014 after watching the documentary Vegucated on Netflix with my boyfriend. I’ve always enjoyed cooking but since going vegan, I’ve fallen in love with the kitchen all over again. Every recipe on The Compassion Kitchen is a dish I genuinely love to…