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Welcome to The Compassion Kitchen! I’m Anna and I went vegan in October 2014 after watching the documentary Vegucated on Netflix with my boyfriend.

I’ve always enjoyed cooking but since going vegan, I’ve fallen in love with the kitchen all over again. Every recipe on The Compassion Kitchen is a dish I genuinely love to cook and eat.

Despite being vegan for several years, I’m still a bit squeamish at the mention of too many vegetables and understand why the ‘rabbit food’ myth is such a big turn-off for non-vegans. I’m aiming for balance – there’s room for cake & kale in my life. This isn’t a how-to guide, it’s just a way to show that veganism can be anything you want it to be.

vegan halloumi with tomato paste on toasts
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My aim is to share food that is full of flavour and totally recognisable. It’s so easy to recreate all the foods you love, with kindness in every bite.

And just to confirm, The Compassion Kitchen is 100% vegan. From the ‘chicken’ to the ‘cheese’, the ‘cream’ to the ‘chocolate’, everything you find is made with a vegan version or substitute.

Please check out some of my recipes, comment, share and generally spread the vegan love.

Bowl of bircher muesli with grated apple and pomegrante seeds
Winter Bircher Muesli | Click to View Recipe

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